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International airfreight service
We have been active in the Air market with ambition is  one for the leading company in Vietnam airfreight industry
Customs broker
So tired with problems in customs clearance for either import or export shipments at Vietnam terminals, the customer can count on our WMLOGISTICS to work with you as a valued extension of your organization. With dedicated trained-well employees, we are offering the highest level of professional customs brokerage
Domestic seafreight service
Goods transferred between regions (north-south-central) increase both the quantity and quality. Foreseeing this demand, we have invested in building a network of branch systems, agents in the country as well as strengthening relations with its domestic shipping lines: Bien dong shipping, Vosco, Vsico, Germadept, Vietsun ....to ensure the customer‘s goods are loaded at the port of departure and return cargo at the port of destination in accordance with commitment.